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What is
Omamori Ongaku?

We bring to you your "music charm" out of many songs.
Please find your own unique "music".

The music will bring to you happiness and protection
by combining the frequency you emit with
the miraculous frequency you will receive from this music.

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Promotion Video.

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  • Union
    Forming a good relationship is the first step to happiness in life
    This music will help you find your loved one.
  • Increase in romance luck
    For those who want a wonderful significant other/are experiencing one-sided love/want to deepen their relationship with their significant other/want to get married
    This music is for such people. Something might happen if you listen to it with your loved one…
  • Increase in luck
    Luck is a skill
    Attract luck and cause a miracle in your life
  • Increase in money luck
    Music that will make you favored by money
  • Success in business
    Increase in decision-making skills,
    communication skills and creative skills
  • Prayer for safe birth
    Raising a child starts before it is born.
    Pray for the safe delivery of your baby.
  • Repel bad luck
    Music that will purify people and spaces
  • Prayer for success in tests
    Increase in concentration, memory, etc.
    Also, it will help you calm down.
    Please listen to it before studying or a test.
  • Bumper crops
    Crops are alive as well.
    It will give the blessing of life to your crops.
  • Safe from illness or disaster
    So that your body will always be strong and healthy